Ovestin candles and cream

Ovestin is an estrogenic drug. Analogue of the natural female hormone.

Replenishes estrogen deficiency in postmenopausal women and reduces postmenopausal symptoms. Most effective in treating urogenital disorders. With atrophy of the mucous membrane of the lower urinary tract, estriol contributes to the normalization of the urinary tract epithelium and helps to restore normal microflora and physiological pH in the vagina.

Increases the resistance of the urinary tract epithelial cells to infections and inflammation, reducing complaints such as pain during intercourse, dryness, vaginal itching, reduces the likelihood of vaginal infections and urinary tract infections, helps normalize urination, prevents urinary incontinence.

Clinical and pharmacological group

Estrogen, an analogue of the natural female hormone.

Pharmacy sales terms

It is released on prescription.


How much does Ovestin in pharmacies? The average price is 1,300 rubles.

Release form and composition

Ovestin produced in the following dosage forms:

  • Vaginal suppositories: from light cream to white, torpedo-shaped, with a uniform surface and a longitudinal slice (5 pcs. In blisters, 3 packs in a carton box).
  • Vaginal cream: homogeneous mass from almost white to white in color, has a specific odor (15 g in aluminum tubes, 1 tube in a cardboard box).
  • Tablets: white, flat, round, with a beveled edge, with the inscription “ORGANON *” on one side, on the other - with the marking “DG”, placed above the number “8” and the separation risk between them (30 pieces in blisters, 1 blister in a carton box).

The structure of 1 vaginal suppository includes:

  • Active ingredient: micronized estriol - 0.5 mg;
  • Auxiliary component: Witepsol S58.

The composition of 1 g of vaginal cream includes:

  • Active substance: estriol - 1 mg;
  • Auxiliary components: lactic acid, stearyl alcohol, sodium hydroxide, octyldodecanol, glycerol, polysorbate, cetyl palmitate, cetyl alcohol, sorbitan stearate, chlorhexidine dihydrochloride, purified water.

The composition of 1 tablet includes:

  • Active ingredient: estriol - 2 mg;
  • Auxiliary components: povidone, anhydrous colloidal silicon dioxide, potato starch, magnesium stearate, lactose monohydrate.

Pharmacological effect

Ovestin contains the natural female hormone estriol. Unlike other estrogens, estriol has a short-term effect, since it is characterized by a short period of retention in the nucleus of endometrial cells. Estriol compensates for the lack of estrogen in women during menopause and reduces the symptoms of menopause.

Estriol is especially effective in treating diseases of the genitourinary system. In the case of atrophy of the lower urinary tract, estriol stimulates the normalization of epithelial tissue and helps restore normal microflora and physiological pH in the vagina. As a result, the urinary tract epithelial cells increase resistance to infections and the development of inflammation, which weakens such manifestations as dyspareunia, dryness, itching, vaginal infections and urinary tract infections, urinary disorders and mild urinary incontinence.

In clinical studies, the alleviation of the symptoms of menopause was achieved during the first weeks of treatment; cases of vaginal bleeding after treatment with Ovestin were extremely rare.

Indications for use

Hormone drug is prescribed for:

  • disturbances in urine excretion and incontinence;
  • surgical interventions in the gynecological field with access through the vagina;
  • infertility due to cervical factor;
  • lack of estrogen, most often observed after menopause;
  • serious disorders of the mucous membranes of the urinary bladder and urearth due to lack of hormones;
  • vaginal discomfort, particularly itching and dryness;
  • prophylactic treatment to reduce the incidence of inflammation and the associated painful symptoms;
  • for more accurate cytological smear results, especially if you suspect oncology.

The use of the drug is chosen strictly by the doctor, who is obliged to ascertain the need for such treatment, especially for children.


Hormonal agent can not be taken in some cases. Be sure to take this fact into account when reading the instructions for use. Ignoring these points leads to serious negative consequences.

  1. Porphyria;
  2. Epilepsy;
  3. Thrombosis, thromboembolism;
  4. Pregnancy;
  5. Otosclerosis;
  6. Spotting of unspecified etymology;
  7. Breast cancer or speculation;
  8. Oncological neoplasm;
  9. Genetic predisposition to cancer;
  10. Endometriosis in the acute stage;
  11. Pathology of the liver, kidneys;
  12. Individual intolerance.

Under the supervision of a specialist, women are prescribed treatment for diabetes mellitus, diseases of the cardiovascular system, and gastrointestinal tract pathologies.

Instructions for use

Judging by the reviews about Ovestin, its dosage form does not affect the effectiveness of treatment. Take the pill, inject a candle or vaginal cream once a day.


In case of atrophic changes in the vaginal mucosa, Ovestin vaginal plugs are recommended to be used once a day, before going to bed. With the improvement of clinical symptoms go to the introduction of drugs 2 times a week.

In preparation for surgery with transvaginal access, 2 weeks before the expected date of surgery, daily administration of 1 suppository is indicated. Further, for 14 days after the operation - 1 candle 2 times a week.

With unclear results of cytological examination (for diagnostic purposes), the drug is injected every other day for a week (before taking the next smear).


It is entered on the eve of sleep using a special applicator. It is filled to a special mark. The dose corresponds to 1 tablet suppository. Includes 500 µg of estriol.

In the treatment of atrophy of the mucous membranes of the bladder, vagina, the agent is applied daily for about 4 weeks. After reducing the unpleasant symptoms, reduce the dosage to 2 weeks.

Before surgery, the tool is used for 2 weeks daily. After surgery, twice a week.

Instructions for use of the cream:

  • remove the cap, open the protective film of the tube with a sharp end;
  • the applicator is put on the tube, pressed on it until it is filled to the specified value;
  • close the tube;
  • place the tool in the vagina in the supine position;
  • The applicator is inserted as deeply as possible, pressing down on the piston to the base.

After use, the applicator is washed in warm water with soap and rinsed well. You can not boil it, put it in too hot water.


Ovestin tablets are usually prescribed in a dose of 2-4 pieces. (4-8 mg) per day for one month, then the dose is reduced to 1-2 tablets (1-2 mg) per day. If a person has urinary incontinence, a higher dose may be prescribed.

Side effects

The use of Ovestin can provoke the development of itching and irritation on the mucous membrane of the vagina.

In some cases, this remedy may cause the following side effects: breakthrough and heavy bleeding, benign or malignant neoplasia (endothermia or breast cancer), vein thrombosis in the legs, pulmonary embolism, stroke, heart attack, hemorrhagic purpura, gallstone disease, multiform or erythema nodosum , baldness, chloasma, and also increased libido.


In case of an overdose of Ovestin, nausea and vomiting can occur, as well as vaginal bleeding.

In this case, symptomatic therapy is practiced.

Special instructions

Before you start using the drug, read the specific instructions:

  1. If, after initiating the use of estriol, VTE develops, treatment should be stopped.
  2. With intravaginal use of estriol, the risk of breast cancer is not known. It has been shown that the use of estriol, unlike other estrogens, was not associated with an increased risk of developing breast cancer.
  3. Therapy should be discontinued if a contraindication is detected and / or when the following conditions occur: jaundice and / or impairment of liver function; a significant increase in blood pressure; the resumption of migraine-type headache; - pregnancy.
  4. If estriol is used according to the indication “pre- and postoperative treatment of women in the post-menopausal period during vaginal access operations”, it is necessary to provide preventive treatment to prevent thrombosis.
  5. Estriol is a weak inhibitor of gonadotropin and has no other significant effects on the endocrine system.
  6. For the treatment of postmenopausal symptoms, HRT should be started only in relation to symptoms that adversely affect the quality of life. In all cases, it is necessary to conduct a thorough assessment of the risks and benefits of treatment at least once a year. HRT should be continued only during the period of time when the benefit exceeds the risk.

During treatment with estriol, recurrence or worsening of the following diseases and conditions is possible: leiomyoma (uterine fibroids) or endometriosis; benign liver tumors (eg, liver adenoma); diabetes mellitus with the presence or absence of a vascular component; cholelithiasis; jaundice (including a history of prior pregnancy), previous thromboembolic disorders, or existing risk factors for such disorders; risk factors for estrogen-dependent tumors, for example, 1st degree of heredity for breast cancer; arterial hypertension; liver failure; migraine or severe headache; systemic lupus erythematosus; endometrial hyperplasia in history; epilepsy; asthma; otosclerosis; familial hyperlipoproteinemia; pancreatitis.

Drug interactions

When using the drug, you must consider the interaction with other drugs:

  1. Estriol enhances the action of lipid-lowering agents.
  2. Increased estrogen metabolism may lead to a decrease in their clinical effect.
  3. Ritonavir and nelfinavir exhibit inducing properties when used in combination with steroid hormones.
  4. Herbal preparations containing St. John's wort (Hypericum perforatum) can induce estrogen metabolism.
  5. Weakens the effects of male sex hormones, anticoagulants, antidepressants, diuretic, hypotensive, hypoglycemic agents.
  6. General anesthesia drugs, opioid analgesics, anxiolytics, some antihypertensive drugs, ethanol reduce the effectiveness of the drug.
  7. Folic acid and thyroid preparations enhance the effects of estriol.
  8. Estrogen metabolism may be enhanced when used in combination with compounds that induce the enzymes involved in the metabolism of drugs, in particular isozymes of cytochrome P450, for example, such as anticonvulsants (phenobarbital, phenytoin, carbamazepine) and antimicrobials (rifampicin, rifabutin, nevirapine, efavirenz).


We picked up some reviews of women using the drug Ovestin:

  1. Irina. I can not say anything bad about Ovestin, he helped me in a difficult moment, so to speak. Yes, it is hormonal, but they should be used only as prescribed by a doctor, and carefully study the instructions. I liked the fact that they do not use for a long time, such as OK, and therefore there is no systemic effect on the body. So I am pleased with the result.
  2. Alla Many people are unlucky or unlucky with doctors to one degree or another. But there are also normal ones. My gynecologist, for example, has known me for 10 years and all my problems too. She came with a climax, so she wrote me everything correctly. By the way, I also had to buy an ovestin, incontinence was also there (((. But she did not suffer well for long, the candles helped literally within a week. They have no specific smell, do not spread and help rather quickly.
  3. Anfisa For a long time I try not to delay the sores, I just know what they sometimes lead to consequences. With the dryness and burning sensation in the vagina, I also remember that it was a problem when the climax was just beginning, though about two years ago. During intercourse, natural was a disaster at all. Well, I have a familiar gynecologist who recommended me a good treatment, Ovestin candles. Thanks to him, in an intimate sense, everything is fine, sex has become much more comfortable. And the candles themselves are normal, after them there was never any discomfort, on the contrary, I liked that they begin to act quickly.


Structural analogues of the active substance:

  • Ovipol Clio;
  • Elvagin;
  • Estriol;
  • Estrovagin;
  • Estrokad.

Before using analogues consult your doctor.

Storage conditions and shelf life

Ovestin tablets, cream and candles are stored for 5 years in a place protected from light and moisture. Storage temperature is very important, from 2 ° C to 30 ° C. Keep the product away from children.


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