Blepharitis - what is it? Treatment, symptoms and photo of the eye

Blepharitis is a group of ophthalmologic diseases characterized by the development of inflammatory processes in the tissues of the extreme zone of the eyelids. The disease occurs mainly in a chronic form, and is very difficult to treat, which is explained by the location of the lesion. The most common cause of blepharitis is staphylococcal infection - golden or epidermal.

Keratitis eyes - photos, signs and modern methods of treatment

Keratitis is one of the most common ophthalmologic diseases affecting the anterior eye. Pathology is characterized by the development of the inflammatory process in the cornea of ​​the optic organ. The cornea performs a light refractive function, and the visual perception of the eye depends on its homogeneity, transparency and sphericity.

Amblyopia - what is it? Symptoms and treatment of amblyopia in children

Amblyopia is a functional (non-organic), reversible visual impairment that occurs more often in childhood and adolescence. Amblyopia is not amenable to correction with the help of glasses and contact lenses, does not pass on its own, and most often is a secondary visual impairment. What it is? When amblyopia eyes of a person see different pictures, they are differently involved in the visual process: one eye does not fully see, the brain can not reduce the visual picture in both eyes into one common, as a result, the work of one eye is completely or partially suppressed volume perception of objects, the sequence of their location in space, the sizes of objects are also evaluated inadequately.

Intraocular pressure - symptoms, causes and treatment

Intraocular pressure is called, under which the eye fluid is in the cavity of the eyeball. Ideally, IOP does not change, which forms a stable physiological conditions for all structures of the eye. Normal pressure inside the eyes ensures a normal level of microcirculation and metabolism in the tissues of the eyes.

How to quickly cure barley on the eye at home in 2 days

Barley on the eye is a very unpleasant affliction that requires urgent treatment, since it is a purulent make-up located near the bulb of the eye. The development of barley in the lower or upper eyelid passes very quickly, yesterday it may not be, but today you already notice inflammation, which is difficult not to pay attention.

Allergic conjunctivitis - photos, symptoms and treatment

Allergic conjunctivitis is inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outer transparent mucous membrane of the eye) caused by an allergic reaction of the body (the response of the immunity to a foreign substance is an allergen). This disease is much more likely to affect young people, regardless of gender. Accurate statistics are not available, since in most cases such conjunctivitis is accompanied by other manifestations of allergy.

Conjunctivitis - symptoms and treatment, photo

Conjunctivitis is one of the most common eye diseases. It is difficult to find a person who at least once in his life would not appear characteristic symptoms: redness and irritation of the eyes, tearing ... Therefore, there is a perception that conjunctivitis is not a serious disease, well, reddened eyes, itching - tomorrow will go away ... It is not so!

Cataract - treatment, symptoms, photo

A cataract is a clouding of the lens - an optical lens that is located inside the eye. The name of the disease comes from the Greek word katarrháktes, which means "waterfall". This is due to the ideas of ancient healers that the disease develops as a result of the flow of turbid fluid between the iris and the lens.

Glaucoma - symptoms and treatment, photo

Glaucoma is a common group of eye diseases that is characterized by a periodic or constant increase in intraocular pressure with the further development of typical visual defects, as well as a gradual decrease in vision and possible atrophy of the optic nerve. The symptoms of glaucoma are manifested by a narrowing of the visual fields, pain, pain and a feeling of heaviness in the eyes, blurred vision, deterioration of twilight vision, in severe cases of blindness.

Viral conjunctivitis - symptoms and treatment

Viral conjunctivitis occurs when the conjunctiva are inflamed - the outer mucous membrane that covers the inside of the eyelids and sclera. In most cases, it occurs because a person has had an infectious disease of the upper respiratory system — an adenovirus or a herpetic virus.